Night Light Skeleton Halloween Ghost

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SKU 136266
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Noctilucent stick the main raw material is light energy storage luminous powder, light energy storage luminous powder is phosphor under natural light, solar lights, such as ultraviolet irradiation, the light energy stored, after the stop light, in slowly released in the form of fluorescence, so at night or dark place, still can see light, duration lasted for several hours to ten hours. So dear friends gets it and you try to get it out and absorb the light and don't have anything to hide it. The more the brighter the absorption, the longer the time! Warm tip: because of the production process characteristics of the night light, if the walls are not smooth enough, the edge of the sticker may be slightly warped. 1, if you are stick on the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because its material is smooth, post before it is better to dry clean cloth to cover, so it's easy to paste, and smooth effect is better; 2, some of the larger pattern to stick, there may be a little after flattening bubbles appear, then you can use to remove air bubbles or shave off scratch CARDS with pinpoint tiny bubbles burst can be erased and will not affect the overall effect of paste; 3, if paste brush the metope of be affected with damp be affected with damp, aging, or just the new paint, paste after may cause wall stickers off automatically, or will cause peeling off metope, can blow hot air blow dry or stay metope paint volatilizes until after a period of time, but the effect is likely to come in and go out, so please post by the broad masses of customers choose location; 4. If you accidentally put the wall in the wrong position, you can use a small blade to gently lift the corner of the wall, and then paste it, and then, you can reuse it in normal circumstances, as long as it is not torn; Typesetting size 5, DIY products are closely, you can play unlimited creativity, free combination shape and location, you can use scissors to cut open pattern, respectively, the first cut of time be careful not to damage the design